Morningstar CFS FC Growth Core

Investment strategy

The portfolio is an actively managed, diversified multi-manager strategy. Over the long term, the portfolio aims to have a 30% allocation to defensive assets (cash and fixed interest) and a 70% allocation to growth assets. This portfolio suits investors who are willing to accept higher levels of investment value volatility compared to more defensive options in return for higher potential investment performance. The Morningstar Core Managed Accounts are based on a principle of core and satellite portfolio construction. Passive strategies are used to gain cost effective exposure to the underlying asset class. The extensive use of passive strategies does mean that the portfolios are susceptible to performing in line with the market, particularly falling markets. Active strategies compliment this exposure by seeking to add additional return sources above the market return and can bring limited protection in falling markets. Underlying managers are chosen taking in to account their Morningstar’s Analyst Rating and the role the fund brings from a portfolio construction perspective.

Strategic Asset Allocation
Key facts
Investment Objective
The portfolio aims to outperform the Morningstar Category Average - Australia Superannuation Multisector Growth Benchmark over a rolling seven year period.
Minimum Investment Period
7 Years
Morningstar Category Average - Australia Superannuation Multisector Growth
Inception Date
*Fees include: Administration Fee, Estimated Investment Fee, Estimated Performance Fee (if applicable) and Estimated Indirect Cost Ratio.