User Guide: Model Portfolio downloads from Morningstar Direct into Morningstar Portfolio X-ray tool.

Morningstar Team  |   26th May 2022 | 3 min read

The following user guide is for Morningstar Direct users to be able to download their model portfolios that can be easily imported into Morningstar’s Portfolio X-ray tool on Adviser Research Centre and AdviserLogic. 1) Ensure you have installed the Morningstar Excel Add-In. If not already downloaded, please go to Home module of Morningstar Direct, click Excel Add-In and click download latest version. (as below) Follow the Setup Wizard prompts in Excel. 2) To log in to the Morningstar Excel Add-In, create a connection with Morningstar Direct:
  • In Excel, select the Morningstar tab.
  • If Morningstar Add-In dialog box does not open: click Profile, then select Direct.
  • If applicable, enter your login details for Morningstar Direct.
  • For any further troubleshooting of accessing the Morningstar Add-In, please go to the Morningstar Excel Add-In user guide that is available in Downloads section. (as above image)
3) Ensure your model portfolios are saved via the Portfolio Management tool. To create a spreadsheet of your model portfolio, open excel, click Morningstar and then the Investments icon. 4) In the navigation pane, under Portfolio Management tab, select Holdings.
  • Change Object to Model Portfolio and select your Model Portfolio name under Accounts.
  • Change Position ID to Ticker. Then click Add.
  • Finally click Submit.
5) Your model portfolio will be displayed in the spreadsheet.
  • Save your new spreadsheet as CSV.
  • Delete the column “Name”. To leave Ticker and Weights only.
  • You now have the complete model portfolio exported from Morningstar Direct that can be imported into Portfolio X-Ray.
6) Import your saved spreadsheet into Morningstar’s Portfolio X-ray tool. The tool will automatically upload with the balances saved from the spreadsheet. 7) Bonus step: Users of Adviser Research Centre can import the same spreadsheet into My Watchlists using the import feature. This will add the investments to the selected portfolio, or you can create a new watchlist and import to, providing easy access to the latest research reports for each asset.

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